Karen Zehnder a longtime supporter of the Frankenmuth Community Foundation

Karen Zehnder is a believer.

“Frankenmuth is a very generous community.  Residents and businesses alike make donations to important causes through credible agencies – and the Frankenmuth Community Foundation is one of those agencies,” said Zehnder, who served on the Foundation’s Board of Governors from 2005 to 2013.

“I am very impressed with how the Frankenmuth Community Foundation has grown over the years and how the people involved have purposefully and thoughtfully distributed funds to improve the quality of life in our community.”  

The Foundation distributes 5 percent of its assets every year. Since its inception in 1976, more than $2 million has been distributed to groups and programs working to enhance the quality of life of in our community.

These good works are made possible thanks to the generous donations, gifts and bequests from individuals and businesses across Frankenmuth.

“Folks see what a great job the Foundation is doing to make Frankenmuth a better place to live, work and play,” said Zehnder, co-manager of the Bavarian Inn.

In addition, the Foundation serves as an “umbrella” for many philanthropic funds in the community. It also plays a major role in pairing up nonprofits in search of donations with organizations that can fulfill those needs, she explained.

Executive Director Stephen C. List said he feels Zehnder, who once served as the nonprofit’s president and still sits on its Marketing Committee, has been instrumental in making the Frankenmuth Community Foundation what it is today.   

“She has been very supportive of the Foundation and what it is doing for the Frankenmuth community,” List said.  “She always looks to the future and how we can make the Foundation more impactful. Her enthusiasm and her willingness to serve have truly been a gift to our Foundation."

Zehnder said she’s grateful to have been a part of the Foundation.

“God has blessed this community through the work of the Frankenmuth Community Foundation,” she said.

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