It’s been 60years since Judy (Pagels) Hiles wore the uniform, but she’s just as much a Frankenmuth cheerleader today as she was back then.

“I love our community, what it stands for, and the great place it’s been to live and raise our family. W e do what we can to give back and to introduce people to everything Frankenmuth has to offer,” said Hiles, 74.

Now retired, Judy and her husband, Dave, are active volunteers with civic groups such as the City Beautification Committee, Lions Club, Frankenmuth
Women’s Club, St. John’s of Frankenmuth, American Legion, Frankenmuth Volunteer Fire Department, City Zoning and Board of Review.

And they’re also frequent donors to the Frankenmuth Community Foundation.

“As a member of the City Beautification Committee for 35 years, I learned we are under the financial umbrella of the Frankenmuth Community Foundation as one of its many community funds. I’ve seen how that fund has grown through the years and allowed us to keep Frankenmuth so beautiful.

“That’s why Dave and I like to give to the Foundation and designate our donations for City Beautification,” she said.

Since the Frankenmuth Community Foundation’s inception in 1976, more than  $2
million has been distributed to groups and programs working to enhance the quality of life of in our community.

“These good works are made possible thanks to the generous donations, gifts and bequests from individuals and businesses across Frankenmuth,” said
Stephen C. List, executive director

The Hiles often donate to the Foundation as a way of honoring a friend or relative for birthdays, memorial services or special occasions.

“I feel it’s a good way to memorialize people who have lived in this town and have felt the warmth this community offers. By donating to City Beautification, we’re able to continue that tradition,” she said.

Judy said she not only enjoys the socializing that comes with volunteering, but also the good feeling she gets from helping others. That’s a sentiment the Hiles shared with their sons, Mark and Todd, as they were growing up in Frankenmuth. Mark and his wife, Mary Ann, live in town with their children, Matthew and Michael. Todd and his wife, Stacey, live in Tyler, Texas, with their four children, Nicholas, Grace, Amanda and Preston.

“You just feel like if everybody does their share or does something for someone, that’s what it’s really all about,” she said.

Donating to the Frankenmuth Community Foundation is a great way to support all the good happening in our community.
“There are many great funds you can support through the Foundation which all help make Frankenmuth a great place to live,” she said. “Every donation makes a difference.”

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