Dec. 20, 2017 -- The Frankenmuth Community Foundation on Dec. 18 awarded a $200,000 grant for the construction of the Frankenmuth Jaycee Community Splash Pad, one of the largest allocations in the Foundation’s 40-year history.

“This exciting project will provide a free space for recreational water play for the Frankenmuth area community,” said Stephen C. List, executive director of the Frankenmuth Community Foundation.


 The grant monies were awarded through the Palmer Foundation Endowment Fund, which is managed by the Frankenmuth Community Foundation.

The nearly $1 million Jaycee Community Splash Pad will be built in Frankenmuth’s Memorial Park and include a splash pad, playgrounds, restroom facilities and a gathering place. The new park will be free to use and completely handicapped accessible.

Splash pads are designed with multiple water sprays and interactive features for children of all ages and are a popular way to spend warm summer days with the family.

The Frankenmuth Jaycees have spent much of 2017 developing design plans, seeking funding and securing the community partnerships necessary to clear the way for construction in 2018.

The splash pad and bathroom facilities are slated for completion by July.

With the $200,000 donation from the Frankenmuth Community Foundation, the Jaycees have so far raised $730,000 for the project, said Christy Kuczynski, co-chairman of the Jaycees Splash Pad Committee.

The donation from the Foundation is the largest single gift to date.

“We’re aware the Frankenmuth Community Foundation supports many causes and we’re very pleased to be one of them,” Kuczynski said. “The Jaycees also support many great local causes, so this is a great partnership between two great organizations.”

Other Frankenmuth civic and community organizations have already donated or are considering funding the Jaycees’ project as well.

As more donations come in, the Jaycees will be able to construct an additional playground for younger children and make the existing playground handicapped accessible.

The Palmer Foundation Endowment Fund has already played a key role in creating many of the amenities at Memorial Park including the Palmer Schau Platz, concession and bathroom facilities, expanded parking and road improvements, List said.

The Frankenmuth Community Foundation’s Board of Governors is proud to play a role in bringing the splash park to fruition.

“The Jaycees have done a great job in planning the project’s design, construction phases, meeting with potential donors, and providing information for the public to see what the plans are for the Frankenmuth Memorial Park,” List said.

“We look forward to its completion and we thank the Jaycees for spearheading the entire project.”



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