Frankenmuth knows a good cause – and a great evening’s entertainment – when it sees one.

Tickets are already sold out for the Frankenmuth Community Foundation Legacy Ball on May 6 featuring retired U.S. Army Staff Sergeant Travis Mills as keynote speaker.

 Read, write and follow your dreams.

Award-winning Michigan author Kyle Prue, 20, shared this inspirational message with 500 students from E.F. Rittmueller and St. Lorenz middle schools who attended Tuesday morning assemblies at the Bronner Center for the Performing Arts and EFR.

Terry Weiss

Good leadership makes all the difference.

That’s been especially true for the Frankenmuth Community Foundation, which on Monday elected a new chairman to its Board of Governors. Terry Weiss, a Frankenmuth native and longtime community volunteer, replaces Jon Webb, who served in that post for four years.


The spirit of collaboration was in the air Feb. 15 when two dozen local leaders came together for a Community Roundtable.

 The 90-minute session was organized by the Frankenmuth Community Foundation and included representatives from a wide range of civic groups, governmental units, festivals, schools and charitable organizations. The gathering was held at the Bavarian Inn Restaurant.

Disc Golf

It had been a rough week for Lyndsey Piesko: Recovery was slow after coaching a weekend volleyball tournament. Then bronchitis and pneumonia hit.

After eight years suffering from an autoimmune illness and chronic pain, Lyndsey always feared she might die alone. But that cold afternoon, her parents, Gary and Cyndi, were there to drive her to the hospital.

Karen Zehnder is a longtime supporter of the Frankenmuth Community Foundation

Karen Zehnder a longtime supporter of the Frankenmuth Community Foundation

Karen Zehnder is a believer.

“Frankenmuth is a very generous community.  Residents and businesses alike make donations to important causes through credible agencies – and the Frankenmuth Community Foundation is one of those agencies,” said Zehnder, who served on the Foundation’s Board of Governors from 2005 to 2013.

Disc Golf

It’s been 60years since Judy (Pagels) Hiles wore the uniform, but she’s just as much a Frankenmuth cheerleader today as she was back then.

Karen Zehnder is a longtime supporter of the Frankenmuth Community Foundation

Jordyn Savage is proud to call Frankenmuth home.

That’s why the 17-year-old is so grateful to be part of the Frankenmuth Community Foundation’s Youth Advisory Committee (YAC) – a youth group that awards grants from a permanently endowed Foundation Youth Fund. 

Disc Golf

When it comes to helping our kids, Frankenmuth is always ready to do the heavy lifting.

So when word went out last year that Frankenmuth High School needed to replace its aging weight room equipment, the whole town pitched in to  help.

Foundation Awards Grant to Pet Angel Rescue

Jane Hartman dedicated her life to helping others.

Now, thanks to the Frankenmuth Community Foundation scholarship created in her name, that legacy will live on for decades to come.

Making a positive impact in the Frankenmuth area!

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