Bottom row (from left): Olivia Martuch, Emily Zimmerman, Alyssa Abke, Gabrielle Michael, Kallie Lindow & Dana Williams (president) Top row (from left): Isabel Schmitt, Halia Andrews, Erich Laux (treasurer), Myla Soulliere (secretary), Payton Amy, Katy Schuler, Joel Zimmerman, Jon Webb (FCF advisor) & Nancy Haskin (FCF advisor). * Not pictured: Olivia Perrou

Download the Frankenmuth Youth Advisory Council (YAC) Grant Application Form

Youth Advisory Council members are chosen based on recommendations from their schools and meet regularly to focus on community needs and projects important to the youth in Frankenmuth.

The group has five main areas of focus including needs assessment, grantmaking, fund development, community services and promotion. With those goals in mind, this group of young philanthropists will work to determine how and where the available money from the Frankenmuth Youth Fund will be best put to use. The Frankenmuth Foundation Board of Governors has final approval of all distributions.

The YAC is advised by Foundation board members Dr. Nancy Haskin, Julie Gafkay, Tim Hildner and Jon Webb.

Making a positive impact in the Frankenmuth area!

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