The Frankenmuth Community Foundation exists because of the generosity and future-vision of its donors.

Information for Donors

Each and every donor is critical to the work of the Foundation. Our donors provide the resources that allow us to assist groups who are working to serve the community. We serve as a "give-through" organization – we raise funds not for our own operations, but rather to develop funds which are distributed right here in Frankenmuth.

Our Board of Governors strives, in all activities and decisions, to make a difference in the lives of people who live, work and play in Frankenmuth.

The community foundation offers a number of ways to ensure your charitable goals are met, while maximizing your tax benefits. We also enable you to provide ongoing support to your favorite organizations, involve your entire family in the giving process if you wish, and allow you to leave a legacy in Frankenmuth.

It's easy to make a difference – let us show you how.

Making a positive impact in the Frankenmuth area!

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