Who "runs" the Frankenmuth Community Foundation?Jon Webb is the Executive Director and reports to a volunteer Board of Governors comprised of a group of dedicated community leaders. These people serve up to three 3-year terms.

What is a community foundation?The Frankenmuth Community Foundation is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization that receives donations, gifts and bequests, which provide the source of grants distributed to promote the betterment of the greater Frankenmuth area through financial assistance to worthy causes.

Do I have to be wealthy to contribute or establish a fund with the Frankenmuth Community Foundation?No. Anyone can be a philanthropist – there are many ways to craft a giving plan that suits your needs and charitable goals. It does not require vast wealth, just a concern for helping others in our community.

Can I contribute to any fund?Absolutely. All active funds held by the Frankenmuth Community Foundation receive donations in any amount at any time of the year. Some residents suggest to their friends and family that a donation to a specific fund at the community foundation would be preferred to gifts in honor of a birthday, anniversary or other special occasion.

Who decides which grant requests are approved?Grants from donations to the foundation's unrestricted endowment are allocated by the Board of Governors. This group meets several times per year to review grant applications and works to ensure that worthy projects and programs are supported. Scholarship are decided primarily by the Frankenmuth School District, a review committee or as directed at the time of the scholarship fund creation.

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