In order to ensure the most effective use of its available grant funds, the Frankenmuth Community Foundation directs its support to groups and organizations working to improve and strengthen the following areas: recreation, education, leadership, economic growth and community good.

Programs, projects and activities that support development of any or all of these areas within the Frankenmuth community are ideal candidates for grants. Grants are made to non-profit organizations only.

The Board of Governors of the Frankenmuth Community Foundation take very seriously our role as responsible stewards of the funds that you entrust to our care. Your gift, no matter its size, reflects your trust in our ability to invest resources wisely and to use the resources represented by your fund to carry out your charitable wishes.

We work closely with the professionals at Tri-Star Trust Bank who understand our unique needs as a nonprofit organization. Through their own involvement in the community, they stay on top of issues affecting organizations like ours, and their real-world experiences are invaluable to our board. Not only do these trusted advisors work to ensure solid investment growth through expert asset management, they have an in-depth understanding of the entire charitable giving process. They work closely with us as we navigate the legal and tax issues related to philanthropic gifting so we can concentrate on using those funds to support the mission and vision of our organization – improving our community.

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