Why Give to the Frankenmuth Community Foundation?

The Frankenmuth Community Foundation is a special kind of charity which has been created by the community – many donors coming together to make a difference in Frankenmuth. The Foundation was designed to last forever, building permanent support for philanthropic work that improves the lives of Frankenmuth residents. We’re pleased to offer a variety of options for donors who share this goal.

A community foundation is a union of many gifts, bequests, estates or parts of estates; contributed by people of the community as endowments for charitable purposes. These endowments are built and maintained to respond to community needs and to sustain existing organizations and institutions through grants for recreation, education, leadership, economic growth and community good.

At the Frankenmuth Community Foundation, we have many funds, each with its own purpose determined by its donor. There are several types of charitable funds available to support the philanthropic goals of our donors and meet the needs of the community at the same time. The assets you give and the form your giving takes can be customized to meet your individual desires.

Like any organization, our donors' reasons for giving are as diverse as the individuals themselves. Many appreciate the philanthropic expertise offered by a community foundation. Others are primarily interested in tax or estate-planning advantages. Some just want to know their charitable donation is being used wisely.

No matter why you give, the Frankenmuth Community Foundation offers:

  • Flexibility. The Foundation offers a variety of funds to support interest in a number of community programs and projects.
  • Simplicity. Giving should make you feel great, not burden you with tax issues and continuing administrative details. We are here to help you through the process of giving.
  • Tax Benefits. As a 501(c)3 organization, the Frankenmuth Community Foundation may offer the highest level of tax benefits for charitable giving.
  • Positive Impact. Our years of experience in maximizing grantmaking effectiveness allows the Frankenmuth Foundation to target dollars toward promising opportunities.
  • Permanence. Endowed funds at the Frankenmuth Community Foundation are designed and managed to last forever. This gives donors assurance that their original intent will be fulfilled in perpetuity.
  • Responsible Stewardship. The Frankenmuth Community Foundation Board of Governors is comprised of a dedicated group of community leaders. They are directly responsible to donors and the community and take this responsibility very seriously.

Making a positive impact in the Frankenmuth area!

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