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Anyone can make a gift to the Foundation. Donors come from many different backgrounds but have a common commitment to the quality of life in Frankenmuth. Whether contributing to an existing fund, making a gift in memory of a friend or loved one, or making an unrestricted gift to the Foundation's Endowed Fund, every person in the community can make a difference.

What is a Fund?

A fund is a separate trust with its own donors and its own charitable purpose and goals. The funds held by the Frankenmuth Community Foundation are invested and managed by the Trustee and Board of Governors, a group of responsible individuals who live and work in the community. Responsible and solid investment strategies assure donors of the security of their funds.

The Frankenmuth Community Foundation offers several different types of funds:

Unrestricted Fund

Donations to the unrestricted fund of the Frankenmuth Community Foundation are not specifically designated for use by a particular agency, cause, or area of interest. Our Board of Governors oversees the use of these funds, setting priorities for their use and determining how grants will be distributed to support the charitable needs of our community. Grants provided through the Frankenmuth Foundation unrestricted endowment enhance the community and often serve as a catalyst for local groups and organizations to develop new projects and programs to enrich the lives of residents. Areas of focus for the Frankenmuth Community Foundation are: recreation, education, leadership, economic growth and community good.

Since its inception in 1976, grants have been awarded to support a wide variety of special projects including: Youth Sports Association land purchase for all-sports complex, Gateway Arch project, Frankenmuth Farmers Market, Frankenmuth High School Weight Room and Band uniforms, City Beautification, Frankenmuth Parks & Recreation, Frankenmuth Jaycees for Heritage Park improvements, Junior Achievement in our schools, Frankenmuth Rotary Club for Scout Building upgrades, technology upgrades in Frankenmuth Public Schools and St. Lorenz Lutheran School, Frankenmuth Ambulance, Frankenmuth Fire Department, Frankenmuth Chamber of Commerce for educational seminars, defibrillators for schools, and many more!

Agency Funds

Several nonprofit organizations have established endowment funds with us in order to grow their assets to meet both current and future needs. Our advisors provide strong investment oversight services and manage all of the administrative details of the endowment. This provides a relatively constant source of annual income and helps maintain their mission in perpetuity. It also frees the nonprofit to focus on what they do best in the community.

Scholarship Funds

The creation of a scholarship fund is attractive to many donors and can be structured to benefit students at any education level, or for a specific institution. A scholarship fund can be established to honor a loved one. Some donors choose to stay involved through advisory relationships, while others name advisory committees to assist in the selection of recipients. Either way, our advisors will handle the necessary paperwork and ensure that scholarships are distributed in a timely and equitable manner.

For a complete list of scholarships available, visit our Available Scholarships page

Donor-Advised Funds

A Donor-Advised Fund is for those who would like to establish a fund with the Frankenmuth Community Foundation and then make suggestions from time to time on distributions from the fund. Through a Donor Advised Fund, you can have an active hand in your charitable giving, as well as suggest which organizations should be supported. Many donors send out several contributions throughout the year to different charities of their choice. Having a Donor Advised Fund takes the burden off the donor, as the community foundation does all the work in getting the grants sent out to the charities that the donor suggests. This type of fund is a great way to stay involved in the use of your gift!

Pass-Through Fund

A pass-through fund is like a charitable checking account. The fund provides a conduit through which charitable contributions flow toward a specific project, program, or area of interest. A pass-through fund offers philanthropists the opportunity to give directly to one or several charitable organizations (such as the Frankenmuth Farmers Market, Sports Complex and Bronner Performing Arts Center) projects, using all available funds. The fund is short term and distributions may be made upon request up to the full balance of the fund.

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