E.F. and Milda Rittmueller Scholarship
They had a kind generosity, a love of young people, and a concern for education.

Mr. Rittmueller devoted his life to education in Frankenmuth. He served as a teacher and principal at St. Lorenz Lutheran School, and a long-time member and secretary of the Board of Education of Frankenmuth School District. Even his avocation as community historian was approached as a means of teaching values to younger generations. His list of accomplishments was long and varied.

Mrs. Rittmueller was the well of strength for her husband, supporting his endeavors and giving him the inspiration to continue. Her lifelong knowledge and understanding of the Frankenmuth Area provided invaluable insight.

Criteria for Selection
The recipient of the E.F. and Milda Rittmueller Scholarship will be chosen on the basis of the following criteria:

1. The applicant must be either a member of the current graduating class or a recent graduate of Frankenmuth High School.
2. The applicant must be planning to attend a college or university full time, and prior to distribution of the scholarship funds must be accepted and enrolled.
3. The applicant must demonstrate academic skills by establishing a high grade point average while taking courses generally regarded as college preparatory.
4. Selection shall also be based on financial need of the student for assistance with college costs.
5. The applicant must demonstrate service to his school, church, or community through active participation
6. The scholarship will be awarded without regard to sex, race, religion, place of birth, or personal handicap.

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