Herbert & Lillian Schiefer Mathematics Scholarship
"Giving back to the community."
Mr. & Mrs. Herbert and Lillian Schiefer, former residents of the community of Frankenmuth, have endowed a scholarship to be awarded to a graduating student from Frankenmuth High School. The Schiefers placed a high value on education and have a particular regard for the importance of mathematics in the development of young men and women.

Criteria for Selection:
To carry out the wishes of Herbert and Lillian Schiefer, the Board of Governors has devised the following criteria for the awarding of the scholarship:

1. Mathematics ability:
a. candidates must have selected a mathematics class each semester of his/her high school career.
b. Candidates must have participated in the following classes::
i  Algebra
ii. Geometry
iii. Advanced Algebra
iv. Advanced Mathematics
c. Candidates must take the American College Test (ACT)
d. Selection will then be predicated on:
i.. mathematics grade point average for seven semesters of high school work
ii. mathematics score on American College Test (ACT)
iii. additional consideration will be given to candidates who participated in college or university mathematics competitions, and the scores or placement in such competitions.
2. Since the purpose of the scholarship is to assist with college expenses, the Board of Governors will assure itself that:
a. the individual selected has not less than a 3.0 grade point average (B) through the seventh semester of high school classes
b. the individual selected for the scholarship has applied for admission to, and has been accepted by, an institution of higher learning
3. Since the individual selected for the scholarship should reflect well upon the high school, the community, and the Schiefers, it will be the responsibility of the Board of Governors that the selectee be of good moral standards.
4. The scholarship will be granted without regard to sex, race, religion, place of birth, age, or personal handicap.
5. The decision of the Board of Governors shall be final.

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