Kathryn Geyer Rummel Scholarship
Kathy Geyer Rummel had a special zeal for life.
While a student at Frankenmuth High School she was an avid participant in sport activities and believed that sports formed a vital part of her life'ss philosophy.

Realizing that an untimely death was imminent, it was her expressed desire that a scholarship be established in her name which will be awarded annually to the most outstanding female athlete in Frankenmuth High School's graduating class. Significant contributions were donated by family and friends to make the scholarship possible.

Criteria for Selection:
In an attempt to carry out the wishes of Kathy Rummel, the Trustees have devised the following criteria for awarding the scholarship.

1. Athletic ability: this will be determined in the month of May by a vote of each of the varsity coaches of womens' sports and the athletic director. Each of these persons shall have only one vote. The candidates for the selection will be those graduating female students who have submitted an application for this scholarship. In case such voting results in a tie, the Superintendent of Schools will cast the tie-breaking ballot. Those voting shall take into consideration:

a. participation in sports
b. effort and concern evidenced
c. success in sports
d. athletic letters won
e. distinctions awarded (all-conference, all-state, etc.)

2. Since the purpose of the scholarship is to assist with college expenses, the trustees will assure themselves that:

a. the individual selected has not less than a 2.5 grade point average (C ) through the seventh semester of high
b. The individual selected has applied for admission to, and has been accepted by, an institution of higher learning.

3. Since the winner of this scholarship should reflect well on the memory of Kathy Rummel, the community, and the High
    School, it will be the responsibility of the trustees that she be of good personality and good moral standards.
4. The scholarship will be granted without regard to race, religion, place of birth, age or personal handicap.
5. The decision of the Trustees shall be final.

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