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Working with the Frankenmuth Community Foundation allows your clients to utilize planned giving to address a broad range of local needs. Recreation, education, leadership, economic growth and community good - these are just a few areas of community life that your client can have an impact upon by giving through the Frankenmuth Community Foundation. Each year, grants are given to local groups and organizations for projects and programs that address needs specific to the Frankenmuth area. The Frankenmuth Community Foundation is a local organization with strong roots in our community.

When your clients donate through endowment funds, the principal of their gift is never spent. It is carefully invested, and a percentage of funds are used each year to address specific causes in the Frankenmuth area. This allows your client's charitable gift (and good works) to continue in perpetuity.

Charitable giving through the Frankenmuth Community Foundation allows your clients to maximize tax benefits. Most gifts to the Frankenmuth Community Foundation are tax deductible.

Finally, using the Frankenmuth Community Foundation as their vehicle for charitable giving offers your clients the ability to create a personal legacy of giving. It is a personalized and efficient way to give.

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