Ruben W. & Regina Kern Christian Scholarship
heirs was a deep devotion to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.
This scholarship honors Mr. & Mrs. Kern whose kind generosity, love for their Lord and for their church, and concern for preparing students to serve that Lord have made this scholarship possible. Mr. Kern devoted much of his life in serving St. Lorenz congregation. He also served the community of Frankenmuth in a number of different areas. The list of his accomplishments and his service record, both to the church and to the community, is long and varied. Mrs. Kern, whose grandfather was one of the fifteen original settlers of Frankenmuth, supported her husband in many of his endeavors. She brought up her family to recognize that our Savior and Lord was to play a dominant role in their lives.


Both Mr. & Mrs. Kern enjoyed residing in Frankenmuth and were grateful to our Lord for granting them many years of life. Through this scholarship, they wish to continue for many years their active support of the church and thereby show their deep devotion to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

The Ruben & Regina Kern Scholarship recipients will be selected on the basis of the following criteria:

1. Candidates must be preparing at a synodical school or seminary for the Lutheran Ministry, a teaching position, or any other parish worker position at a Missouri Synod congregation or college or its successor, if the Missouri Synod should merge with another Lutheran Synod.
2. The applicant must be planning to attend, or be presently attending, a synodical college or seminar full time. Prior to distribution of the scholarship funds, this individual must be accepted and enrolled.
3. The applicant must demonstrate academic skills by establishing a good grade point average while taking courses, generally regarded as college preparatory or while attending college or seminary.
4. Selection shall be heavily weighted towards financial need; and therefore a candidate and his/her family must demonstrate to the Board of Governors their need for financial assistance.
5. The applicant must demonstrate service to his church and community and be of high character as evidenced by responsible actions throughout his or her school years.
6. The scholarship will be awarded without regard to sex, race, place of birth, or personal handicap.

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