The Richard Krafft, Jr. Scholarship Fund
"A working lifetime in agriculture and food"
Star of the West Milling Co., in recognition of Richard Krafft%u2019s 50 years of service to the company, is establishing this scholarship fund as a lasting tribute to the person who gave unselfishly of himself to the benefit of Star of the West Milling Co., its stockholders, employees, community and church.

Criteria for Selection:
The Richard Kraff, Jr. Scholarship will be awarded to students who have parents or grandparents employed or previously employed by Star of the West Milling Co and will be based on the following criteria:

1. Applicant will attend a college or university studying in an agricultural related field.
2. Candidate shall have demonstrated they have provided service to their school, church or community.
3. The applicant must have demonstrated academic skills by establishing a high grade point average or high SAT score, while taking courses generally regarded as college preparatory.
4. Selection may also be based on the financial need of the student for assistance with college costs.

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